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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - September 18, 2017







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GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Unhinged" -- September 19, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles JP Morgan is lining up their executive management team to replace Wells Fraudgo as lead American bank for the RV. G...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Unhinged" -- September 19, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

JP Morgan is lining up their executive management team to replace Wells Fraudgo as lead American bank for the RV.

Got this from two sources now.

J. Dimon is no fool. Evil and heartless certainly, but not stupid. The gig is up and he's doing what's best for his bank. Wise.

I hear they will be also be intaking ZIM at the street level rate too--IQD and VND as well--turning no one away.

Iko is smiling someplace in Pennsylvania. Love it.

There's talk also of a Tuesday redemption cycle starting and going until the following Monday.

Which is fascinating because the UN General Assembly also starts tomorrow at 8am EDT with Donna speaking at 10am EDT.

Everybody but China, Russia and Mexico are gathered together in NYC. Their absence is interesting to say the least.

Heard Commander Obama was at the UN tonight giving a closed door speech updating world leaders on how all the wonderful transitions were rolling out in October and that the cabal must swallow whole pie with a smile like GESARA, public RV, USN and Paul Ryan.

But Olive Garden juggernaut will be broken up finally. I guess there is an end to the endless salad. Who knew.

Congress is right now pushing through a stealth Obama Care repeal in the Senate. Curious timing huh? Can you say USN?

Mueller has Trumpet on tape now actually talking to Paul Manafort confessing to both the Russian collusion of the 2016 election and his money being laundered offshore.

Hilarious. Not because 66 million Americans voted for traitor, but because none of them know their still brainwashed.

Oh, what will those loyal confederate flag waving Trump supporters do now?

Probably hang out with the Wells Fargo die hards and build a wall I suppose.

God bless all of God's children. But I do pray natural selection is still a real thing post RV.

And here's my favorite nugget of the night... the assets behind the ZIM bond/currency/table napkin/paper airplane is backing every other currency in the RV.

That we knew months earlier. But get this, it's also backing the revaluing Chinese Yuan.

Shut the front door!

Looks like the black man is basically saving the white man. The ironic justice of that is heavenly just to consider let alone live. God is so great.

All go or none go times like 28 zeros which is flowing out tomorrow.

Historical Bond SKRs over 1,000 quad are funding and working their way down.

As for my recent hysterical rants, verbal outbursts on calls and increased swearing, I apologize. I've become a bit "unhinged" emotionally, especially of late.

I've been very irritated due to the building of thisfull service humanitarian funding website in all of less than two months, and honestly I'm just not my "all is well" lately.

I've turned into a short tempered son-of-a-bitch actually, and there's no reason to be that way other than my own emotional ignorance and general fear of failure.

I am terrified the website will fall short in every way is the real truth.

So again I apologize to anyone that was offended by my sharp tongue. I will be taking Wednesday's Clarion Call off to work in the website and myself then return for Saturday's Church Bank call.

Yes I'm putting myself in time out until I'm ready again to play nice with the other children.

That said, the website is at least to my untrained eye very cool, and uniquely innovative given the challenges we're all facing.

It will be an online safe haven for many in this community pre and post RV: and it's by far Showme's best work to date bar none.

Sign up at to raise your hand and be counted as a Human Angel.

There are currently 51,930 of us ready to rock and roll with infinite mercy as of this posting. That's a daily average of 1,038 people a day from all over the world.

How cool is that?!

Also please keep submitting both domestic and international projects as we need them all, just as you will need us for a host of reasons moving forward.

Dependency is a two way street ya know.

Anyway, enough for one day. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

It's noted and appreciated.

God is with us

Jim Rogers: US-China Trade War will End US Financial Monopoly

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Donald Trump was reported to have halted the Chinese purchase of a US chipmaker last week. This is, of course, in line with his America First campaign speech. But there is also a grand plan to start a "mini nuke war" with North Korea, if only that is even possible.

The ultimate objective, of course, is China.

The problem with all of these ideas is that the US today is evidently in no position to make such a threat, financially and militarily.

'A US trade war with China will end US monopoly on global financial system' – Jim Rogers

16 Sep, 2017 14:08

If the Trump administration puts sanctions on China, this would hurt America more because it just forces China and Russia and other countries to cooperate, says investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned on Tuesday that the US could impose economic sanctions on China if it does not implement the new sanctions regime against North Korea, saying that the restrictions could involve cutting off Beijing's access to the US financial system.

"If China doesn't follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the US and international dollar system, and that's quite meaningful," Mnuchin said at the Delivering Alpha Conference in New York City.

The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution banning North Korea's textile exports and capping its oil imports following Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test conducted last week.

RT spoke to famous investor, author, and financial commentator Jim Rogers to discuss global perspectives in the case of the US imposing sanctions on China.

RT: What is the likelihood that the US will go through with and actually impose economic sanctions on China if it does not implement the new sanctions regime against North Korea?

Jim Rogers: Sanctions are sanctions. They could do sanctions which are not very important or don't do much damage. And then they will have good public relations which says they have sanctions, but it is meaningless. I would suspect if anything, that is what they will start with. If they put sanctions on China in a big way, it brings the whole world economy down. And in the end, it hurts America more than it hurts China because it just forces China and Russia and other countries closer together.

Russia and China and other countries are already trying to come up with a new financial system. If America puts sanctions on them, they would have to do it that much faster and in the end America will lose its monopoly on the financial system, which will hurt America more than anybody.

RT: What do you think, is it an empty rhetoric and saber-rattling from Donald Trump because he said "those [UN] sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen" without specifying what he meant by that. Do you think this is just mere bluff on the part of the US, or would it really use the 'nuclear option'?

JR: If it uses a nuclear option for sanctions, it will hurt America much more than will hurt North Korea, it will hurt America much more than it will hurt China, Russia and everybody else. It will force the rest of the world to find an alternative to the US financial system. If he does that, it is going to cause a lot of turmoil in the world financial economy and in the end it is going to hurt America more than it is going to hurt anybody else.

I would give you an example, if you look at Russian agriculture right now – America put sanctions on Russian agriculture trying to hurt Russia, but it has helped Russian agriculture. Russian agriculture is booming now. In the end, America has hurt itself more than it has hurt anybody else.

RT: If that happens, what would the consequences be for the global economy? Could this end up becoming a global economic crisis?

JR: We are probably going to have a global economic problem, maybe even crisis, in the next couple of years. This may be one of the things that start it. There is always something which starts a crisis. If America does something like this, this could be the thing that did it. In 1929, it started when America started a huge trade war with the rest of the world and the economists said, "please, this is a mistake," but America did that anyway. And then we had a great collapse and The Great Depression of the 1930s.

RT: Washington runs a $350 billion annual trade deficit with Beijing. China also holds more than $1 trillion in US debt. How could the US actually threaten China in such circumstances?

JR: Mr. Trump has been saying for over a year, two years that he was going to start a trade war with China. He was going to put very high tariffs on Chinese goods. In his mind, he wants to do it, he is ready to do it. Some of his advisors are very much in favor of a trade war. It may very well happen. If it happens, it is going to be very bad for the world and it is going to be worse for America than for other people.

RT: How significant is Chinese trade with North Korea?

JR: For North Korea, it is extremely important – that is really the only trade partner. They don't trade with many people except China. But it is not very important for China. China has got gigantic trade all over the world and North Korea is a very small economy.

RT: What impact will this have on North Korea itself? From an economic perspective, would they be able to keep up their military development under harsh sanctions regime?

JR: If China actually cuts off their oil or something, no, then North Korea cannot do much of anything. North Korea would have troubles surviving if they do something like that. It depends on the sanctions, so far China has not done anything which would destroy North Korea. But they could destroy North Korea if they cut off all trade.

Tatiana Klimova, RT

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was predicated by an aggressive US sanctions against Japan. The same script continues to be recycled.

Until today, nobody knows exactly the real military capability of the Chinese. But judging from what they are showing between annual victory parades, they do have the technology and appetite to win a war.

Then there's Russia, SCO, Iran and Latin America.

But starting a war with just about anybody is always the best way out for a bankrupt enterprise. The Khazarian Mafia is the foremost authority in that regard.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sept. 19, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sept. 19 2017

Compiled 12:50 pm EDT 19 Sept. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note: I recommend these non profits that are dedicated to eradication of child exploitation networks, exposing child abuse and treatment of survivors:

International Child Exploitation Rings: International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State ITCCS

International Child Exploitation Rings: Operation Underground Railroad

Trauma Survivors: Ivory Garden

Trauma Survivors: Ritual Abuse R Us:

Catholic Priest Abuse SNAP:

A. Sept. 18 2017 11:51 pm EDT Tilton, Tank: Philip Tilton's CC Intel Highlights from Tank 9-17-17 (Becky's email)

1. Tank: Any second for release.

2. Tilton: Release Sunday or Monday Sept. 24, 25.

3. The ACH went live Wed. Sept. 20 - had to have it to go for instant transfers. Same day ACH went live and at 2:00 in the morning, approval was given to Ginger.

4. Tank: Philippines have said their sovereign bank is open to exchange fiat money for gold back currency and that is the RV announcement.

5. Iraq $3.72 - included in SDR.

6. Phil said they have 72 hours

7. Told gold will go down to about $450. So purchase assets like properties and homes as those are assets in the future.

8. The Global Lateral Accounts belong to you. I choose not to leave my money at the Federal reserve bank. If you don't want to access your account because of the currency exchange then that is your choice.

9. Ginger: Apparently the IRS has closed the way we know it. They were giving out employees letters of termination and two weeks notice.

10. Tank: Everybody should wait. We are the one's keeping the pressure on them. We are going to keep talking about this

11. The Federal Reserve will not function as we know it. There has been a changeover. The Republic has taken the Cabal out of power and replaced everything.

12. Becky: We are in the final two weeks before NESARA/GESARA takes place.

13. Your legacy accounts have been moved from the Federal Reserve accounts.

14. Tank: She is correct. Until I see the Republic stand up and tell me they have control. Once we see those changes then I will come back and give that out. Go to the IRS site and see some changes.

15. The IRS is downsizing because the devil taxation will be eliminated. There will be taxes on new houses and cars. A smaller tax.

16. Oct 1 is 2 weeks away. All debt is supposed to be eliminated.

17. B: the USN is here but we haven't had an official announcement

18. Oct 1 is the beginning of the physical year. The $$$$ is changing over as we speak.

B. Sept. 18 2017 3:18 am EDT T4 Exchanges, Restive Sage: "T4 Exchanges and T5 Moving to a Forex Conversion Rate" by Restive Sage - 9.18.17

1. Nothing is ever actually "lopped" in currency trades. The position of the decimal point changes based on the conversion rate.

2. Tier 1 and 2 are largely unidentified, Tier 3 is groups, Tier 4 is the internet group, us, while Tier 5 is everyone else.

3. Most currencies of the world are traded and are convertible. The exchange in such a process is known as Forex. To get a quote on the exchange rate for major currencies just look it up on the internet at or go to a bank or airport.

4. Due to wars, civil instability or a lack of acceptance, some currencies are not traded internationally at this time. Some banks obviously have a front screen for most currencies they will exchange, and are said to have a back screen for a few "hidden" currencies.

5. T4 and T5 conversion rates will more than likely be very very different.

6. The currency revaluations which have the highest re-monetization value in the GCR are the 5-6 standout countries having very high total in-ground assets relative to their size of population, including Iraq and Zimbabwe.

7. The new financial system is designed to force fiat money out of circulation. On a world-wide basis, there will be progress to a more balanced and broad-based economic system. Over time, more and more of the more stable currencies, well backed by gold and asset strength will have a place in the expanded SDR system. This will see the SDR basket go well beyond those limited few currencies included today.

8. The ZIM initial bid-ask for T4 is very high because of the arbitrage potential for HSBC and other major banks. They can actually gain leverage by taking the vast majority of the trillion notes off the market for later use.

9. Once T4 is concluded, I believe they will issue dead-line turn in dates for T5 at much lower bid-ask rates until virtually no trillion notes are outstanding.

10. For T4 people, the Zim will exchange at somewhere between a dollar-to-dollar or 1.0-to-1.0 ratio, up to say 3.3-to-1.0 based on the face amount of the Zim note.

11. The upper range limit of the Zim appears to be subject to slight but quite meaningful changes, say to 3.4 or 3.6. If one presents a well-thought-out and viable project of large scope and benefit to the world, a higher rate may be granted.

12. A T4 person holding a 100 trillion Zim note (the largest single Zim note available) would exchange at between $100,000,000,000,000 and $330,000,000,000,000 in U.S dollars (hopefully new USN) ie gold and asset-backed in the new system.

13. Why is the ZIM exchange so high? The GCR will not work without Zim holders and the Elders know it. Part of the reason the old system failed, is that the ability of money to proliferate becomes smaller and smaller by degrees when the system gets bogged down in mountains of debt. It is to Tier 4 that the Elders have turned and given the task of providing the largest and quickest level of mercy to the PEOPLE of the world. Everything else is in support of us, actually.

14. The implications are that T1 exchanges will end the national debt of most countries and buy-off the sovereign nobility whose support was required. The end of national debts will lead to lower taxes. T1 is all a necessary thing but its up-side functioning will take many years to manifest mercy.

15. The T2 exchanges will insure that major institutions of the current system ie smaller bank systems, insurance companies, corporations, wealthy families, military, etc. (many of which are ex-cabal) are well capitalized and do not fail in the GCR transition period. This money will simply be hoarded, as ever, to only be used in traditional pathways of industry and capitalization. Way too slow. Years and years.

16. T3 is just a few large groups of people that have a pre-negotiated rate. Limited impact. These 3 tiers now have SKRs we hear, but are not yet liquid.

17. All of these tiers acted as early test exchanges, a prudent part of something this large.

18. The GCR is designed to be seamless. They want minimal distortions of the existing system and this is more important to the Elders than public punishment, retribution and a break-down of things people are used to.

19. The one change everyone will see quickly is that the debts of the people will disappear like crazy all over the world. Mortgages, car loans, student loans, personal debts, IRS tax debts, SBA loans, credit card balances will be easily paid off by the T4 group as well as our close family, extended family, friends, co-workers, churches and random recipients.

20. The high T4 rate will only be reserved for 3 to 7 days. After it ends, the special exchange centers will be closed and the exchange rate will move much, much lower, virtually overnight.

21. Currency holders in T5: those not paying attention, people who were gifted, etc. I would say that these people will exchange at banks for the most part, with meetings set up in a private conference room, by appointment. No doubt one or two specially trained staff, a guard and one or two of the bank's wealth management people will be there.

22. Ultimately exchanges will be made at the international rate, though no one is sure of how many days is required for this transition. The T5 group will receive a special bid/ask rate established by the banks for a short while. After another while the conversion will presumably move to an international Forex rate.

23. The USD rate (old/current rate) and the USN (new rate) may not compare. That is to say: the conversion rate may change quite a bit in the new gold-backed system. It may be wise to exchange within the T4 window.

C. Sept. 18 2017 1:03 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Wake Up!" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - September 18, 2017

1. Hurricane Jose was near NYC at the exact same time the UN General Assembly was meeting.

2. This was the same UN that was moving to Beijing soon - as would the role of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland move to the PROC Central Bank; as would the Federal Reserve & Internal Revenue Service move to the US Treasury; as would the World Bank and International Monetary Fund move to the AIIB.

3. When do you think HSBC would overtake all BofA branches? GM was already majority owned by China. So was the White House and Congress. Soon these "institutions" would shift headquarters from East to West, if they hadn't done so already.

4. This was part of the transition we discussed at length that included your monetary transaction.

5. There was no nuclear threat in North Korea. China and Russia handled that over a decade ago. What you're seeing now was the United States and Europe putting pressure on China for trade easements.Everything you're seeing on TV about immediate danger was a bold faced lie.

D. Sept. 18 2017 5:40 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Collateral Damage" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - September 18, 2017

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 15, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 13, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 12, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 11, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 10, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sheldan Nidle's Galactic Federation Update -- September 19, 2017

4 Caban, 15 Zip, 1 Ik

Selamat Balik! Progress towards prosperity continues to be made. All procedures are moving along as planned. What we intend to discuss with you at this time is the growth of higher consciousness within every one of you. When Heaven set about to forge a new earthly reality, the main strategy was simply to ensure that your overall spiritual awareness continued to grow until it approached an agreed-upon threshold. When reached, it was to be a sure sign that a general global disclosure was drawing near. Nevertheless, it was to be taken as a grand portent of change.

In this context, we realized that the old powers-that-be were truly reaching the end of "their rope" Accompanying this, you are developing a greater readiness to undo the many beliefs taught by your parents and friends. Our intention is for a new collective to take place in which you can begin to become comfortable with new spiritual realities. These new growing realities are to permit peace, personal sovereignty and greater social responsibilities to grow and eventually to take hold globally. It is what Heaven knows as the beginnings of a 'new you'.

The purpose of this update is to simply clarify a number of key points. Higher consciousness, as you can well imagine, is a most complex subject. What is now occurring is a sequence of reality shifts that Heaven dearly wishes to make known to you. The series of changes we have noted in previous posts is allowing you to work collectively toward peace and to establish new governance. In this new Light Heaven is in the vanguard. These adjustments are at the same time allowing for this growing consciousness to be applied properly. How they are created is what is currently spreading across the globe.

Your collective actions are forcing a new reality to form that will eventually turn out much differently from that which the old reality offered. It is this new reality that deeply concerns both Heaven and us. The present sets of impasses are merely illusory. We are more concerned with ensuring that all will conclude as divinely planned. Thus, we simply implore that your visualizations allow all the remaining obstacles to be quickly resolved. The end point as noted is the steady pace of your collective consciousness. It is this that is to swiftly solve all that presently frustrates you.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today filled with hope and intention. The relentless series of soreness arising throughout your body is now declining. This decline is yet another sign that the former ways of your body are coming upon a new way. It is not easy to function while being constantly burdened with a multitude of aches and pains. In this, please take heart that you have faithfully passed yet another internal test. We graciously give thanks for your inner strength and resiliency.

Know as well that your wondrous Spirit is progressing favorably with the many transformations you are now encountering. We have watched faithfully and seen how marvelously you are permitting your growing consciousness to shape you. These results and numerous others show just how much you are changing. We simply request that you keep up the good work. We Masters acknowledge what a truly difficult body of work you are collectively accomplishing. This joint vision that you are holding gives us inspiration for all you are achieving.

Marvelous events are indeed on your horizon. What we simply ask is for you to remain calm and continue to hold your collective vision. Heaven is in the process of rewarding you for your many ever-growing positive qualities. As this present reality alters, your countless positive characteristics can be most useful to your divine cause. So take heart from your efforts and use these intentions to help all humanity complete this test of Spirit and come out of it victorious! We applaud you, for this is what we truly desire for you all! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today we have kept you up to date by conveying the special experiences we have often discussed with you. In this regard, never forget that the never-ending and countless supply of Heaven is really yours! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! Sirian for Be One and Be In Joy!) So Be It! It is time for all to come to fruition!

Planetary Activation Organization

(Video) Alcyon Pleiades 61: Hurricanes Artificially Created, Geoengineering, FEMA, Barcelona Attack, Eclipse

Published on Sep 16, 2017

In this special documentary, we discuss the highly violent and unpredictable weather events that occur all of a sudden. Why are so many hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and powerful storms occurring? Are they being caused by geoengineering and very few are aware of these destructive manoeuvres?

Experts are shocked that three hurricanes formed and were aligned with one another, a unique phenomenon. Millions have been affected and forced to leave their homes. Many islands of the Caribbean and the Antilles have been wiped off the map as these storms have passed leaving a trail of destruction and chaos never seen before.

And why have the media scarcely covered these calamities and are not telling the truth about the death toll? Will the authorities try to detain thousands of displaced people in FEMA camps whilst the government seeks to militarise the police force and enforce martial law in many places?

The same things are behind the strange moves that the elite make as is the case of Brexit created with the purpose of destabilising Europe... What about the mysterious trip of the King of Spain to England, and his appointment by the Queen into the Order of the Garter, coincidently followed by the terror attack in Barcelona?

If to this we add the astronomical phenomenology that is taking place during 2017 with lunar eclipses, a total eclipse of the Sun, planetary conjunctions, meteorites... Is it a warning that something unknown is approaching? Is it related with an unusual increase in viruses, genetically mutable bacteria during this summer or are they present in order to prepare us for new, more powerful vaccines?

Video by Alcyon

BATR: A World Doomed in a Never Ending War

A World Doomed in a Never Ending War

Are you disappointed with Donald Trump's bellicose continuing with the deployment in Afghanistan? Well, if you are not; you should be. Predicting a non-ideological President, who prides himself on making pragmatic decisions, raises prognostication to a new level of mystical proportions. Instilling hope during an election campaign seldom translates into dynamic action on every pledge made. Defending Trump no matter how many times he walks back on a promise is not the standard to judge his administration. Call him a turnaround artist if you wish, but the reality of the power elite inside the military, intelligence agencies and the state department is showing just how far they are willing to go to maintain their force of destructive rule.

The most astute Jack Hunter writes in 16 years ago, we began a “war on terror” that will never end. His purge from the Rand Paul staff was a signal that forecast just how difficult it is to drain the swamp.

"When Donald Trump ran for president, he promised to end the “nation building,” particularly in a country like Afghanistan. He was going to be the leader who would reset America’s wandering foreign policy recklessness. Now Trump has completely flip-flopped, announcing the U.S. won’t be leaving Afghanistan anytime soon — the very definition of the nation building the president deplored as a private citizen and as a candidate.

Washington will wage its “war on terror” forever; new presidents will simply have to adjust. Barack Obama ran against George W. Bush’s regime change in Iraq only repeat it in Libya. Donald Trump ran against the nation building of Bush and Obama and has declared he will now do his own version in, at his generals’ behest.

Perhaps worst of all, the terrorists won. Fear perpetuates the Forever War, in which America has been stuck since 9/11. The goals of Osama bin Laden were met."

Such bin Laden goals really share many of the same objectives of the globalists who are the driving element underpinning the continuous no win war environment of perpetual carnage. When the Senate rejects Rand Paul's war authorization amendment, the sentiments of the stalwarts for uninterrupted empire enrichment simply will not give up the imperium.

"Many senators had deep reservations about Paul's amendment, which would have caused the authorizations to expire within six months and compelled Congress to take new votes on ongoing military operations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere."

From one of the most prolific and astute critics of international affairs from a leftist perspective, John Pilger does not hold back in his essay, Angling for WW3: Why Is US Encircling Russia and China?

"In the last 18 months, the greatest build-up of military forces since World War Two — led by the United States — is taking place along Russia’s western frontier. Not since Hitler invaded the Soviet Union have foreign troops presented such a demonstrable threat to Russia.

Ukraine – once part of the Soviet Union – has become a CIA theme park. Having orchestrated a coup in Kiev, Washington effectively controls a regime that is next door and hostile to Russia: a regime rotten with Nazis, literally. Prominent parliamentary figures in Ukraine are the political descendants of the notorious OUN and UPA fascists. They openly praise Hitler and call for the persecution and expulsion of the Russian-speaking minority.

In Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — next door to Russia — the U.S. military is deploying combat troops, tanks, heavy weapons. This extreme provocation of the world’s second nuclear power is met with silence in the West.

What makes the prospect of nuclear war even more dangerous is a parallel campaign against China. Seldom a day passes when China is not elevated to the status of a “threat.” According to Admiral Harry Harris, the U.S. Pacific commander, China is “building a great wall of sand in the South China Sea.”

The unspoken pattern that underpins the post WWII foreign policy of the U.S. is that America is the indispensable military enforcement for the New World Order. Those countries that pose a threat to this hegemony are systematically undermined, incuse regime change or are outright subverted to whatever extent needed to subjugate these rogue opposition to bow onto the all almighty Wall Street cabal.

The net result is to militarize the garrison outposts as the legions of domination keep a short leash around the necks of the subservient governments that threaten hostilities towards the empire.

In order to unwrap the layers of confusion, peel the onion of deception and acknowledge that the military is committed to foreign conquest, at the expense of genuine national defense.

The Power Elite in the Time of Trump by Prof. James Petras presents a most informative argument that is spot on.

"The military power elite has successfully taken over from the elected president in major decision-making. Where once the war powers rested with the President and the Congress, today a collection of fanatical militarists make and execute military policy, decide war zones and push for greater militarization of domestic policing. Trump has turned crucial decisions over to those he fondly calls ‘my Generals’ as he continues to dodge accusations of corruption and racism."

Such an assessment is surely debilitating. Yet, who can honestly disagree with this conclusion? With America in a cultural meltdown and laboring under a debt financed economy that can never balance its accounts, what are the alternatives to keep the global dominion from going bust?

The inevitable proxy to delay or postpone a final day of reckoning requires that the military intimidate the rest of the planet to accept the dictates of a dying realm. At the core of this premeditated indebtedness, bankrolled by the ultimate Ponzi scheme, the U.S. Dollar must retain its reserve currency function in order for the deficits to keep expanding.

Constant war is the best last resort for the establishment to remain as the global overseer. Since Trump's inauguration as President, the deep state has schemed to derail any significant restoration of rational and redemptive national policies. Continued war still provides the cash flow to the munitionists just as the Afghanistan poppy crop pumps the drug profits into the coffers of the CIA.

The continuance of this public deception practice is at the root of the phony war on terror. One of the most under reported scandals of modern times involves the $6.5 TRILLION MISSING FROM DEFENSE DEPARTMENT.

"A relatively obscure audit report from the Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Defense suddenly is getting a lot of attention for what it apparently reveals: The Pentagon can’t account for $6.5 trillion.

At Armstrong Economics, the blog reported, “Once again, the office of inspector general has come up with a huge hole in the Department of Defense with a missing $6.5 trillion.”

The day before 9/11, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld admitted $2.3 trillion was missing from the Defense Department budget, noted the blog.

That figure has now grown to $6.5 trillion and counting."

Keeping the war waste machine afloat is the supreme priority for the culture of destruction. The obvious question that the system avoids at all cost asks: does any of this extreme and unwarranted spending advance actual national security?

An honest response must admit that a foreign policy of Full Spectrum Dominance has proven to be the death nil of our country and risks the demise of the planet in the nuclear age.

Whether President Trump is a dupe from a plot of the NeoCons and NeoLibs or if he never intended to curtail the forward deployment of foreign legions of enforcers is not the point. The significant consequence is that battalions of cannon fodder continue to be sacrificed for keeping the oligarchs in power.

As the prospects of global annihilation grow closer to a nuclear winter, the popular culture plays a political blame game without ever focusing on the germane failure of the department of defense. President Eisenhower's farewell addresswarning of the prosiest of the military-industrial complex was never taken sufficiently serious at the time.

In all the subsequent decades, the consolidation of the worldwide empire has grown even more menacing. If the Trump administration legacy is that of a "Mad Dog", our best chance to reverse the NWO belligerent way of life will be lost.

With all the internal difficulties and trouble America is experiencing, the continued preserve of foreign adventurism is suicidal. War has always been a population pruner, but in this era the culling of the herd has all the signs of a mass extermination.

The war on terror seems remote when Special Forces engage on their missions upon foreign soil. However, the popular argument that fighting overseas makes the homeland safe is specious. The blowback from perpetual interventionism is a primary cause that places a target bull's-eye on our neighborhoods and communities.

No amount of military expenditures will ever provide true security when the underlying objective is to impose a global rule over all nations.

SARTRE - September 19, 2017

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GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Collateral Damage" -- September 18, 2018

Source: Dinar Chronicles

When will you people get real about how in debt America really is to China?

You've seen trillions in US debt reported.

You're aware of quantitive easing, but aren't sure what it actually means.

You've heard about derivatives, yet so what -- you don't use them.

It all doesn't add up to the fact that the western financial system is insolvent and has been since 1933.

The USD has no logical foundation behind it with regards to any sustainable value due to a lack of hard asset collateral.

It's just air!

That means all your "money," in all your checking, savings, investment and retirement accounts is simply not real! And never was!

Just like the USD, just like UST bonds and just like the FED and IRS, junk bonds, ETF's and corporate stocks based in American, Canadian, European or Australian countries--all of it is a total made up lie and that lie is what's causing all this chaos and this collapsing right before our very eyes.

None of it was ever real. Zip. Deal with it or leave the earth.

So when the USN is forced into play on October 1 and things do get real, and real fast, dramatic events is change will start happening--more suddenly than anyone is thinking--and the great illusion of western dominance will just end.

73 years of military dominance gone in the blink of an eye or click of a mouse.

No more grace periods to extend.

No more meetings to renegotiate treaties and implement international bankruptcy rulings.

This end of the line situation is far more dire than anyone is being told.

And perhaps only this group of Human Angels has the fiscal remedy for folks who must now live in this new reality because only we enjoy the new endless supply of currency being forced upon us by the holders of all global debt--The Chinese Elders.

We had time to educate ourselves.

We had information presented to our group that told us every which way the winds of change would eventually blow.

We all bought currency with this end in mind which is a good thing.

Until you realize what you really bought into.

The bad news is that by just buying ZIM (or gifting it) you are morally obligated to serving humanity by healing the soul of the world.

The problems we face are so vast, so daunting, most won't get out of bed after they redeem.

As the majority of North Americans are totally clueless that their money and government has no value to the rest of the world or universe other than being just one nation under God like all other 208 sovereign nations of the world.

We've lost our shinning light on a hill, beacon status.

This as China calmly lets the proverbial air run out of the US/Canada/EU/AUS/NZ ballon until it falls limp to the floor -- 100% deflated never to refill.

That's the true definition of collateral damage. Serving the greater good in the long-term even though causing overt suffering in the short term.

Why do you think the benevolents allowed two hurricanes to hit Texas, Florida and the US Virgin Islands?

Acceptable levels of collateral damage due to cabal weather manipulation is why.

Why do you think they're letting Hurricane Trump speak at the UN tomorrow morning?

Acceptable levels of collateral orange damage due to political system manipulation is why.

Why do you think the "North Korean Nuclear Threat" is magically allowed to rear its ugly head again and putting military pressure on China and Russia?

Acceptable levels of collateral damage before they dump the western financial system like an elephant crap in the middle of trading floors worldwide come October

Get it?

The end of the cabal is happening in real time, right now, by it's the end of their world not ours.

In actuality, it's the beginning of a golden revival of human sovereignty over the world and the cosmos. Hallelujah!

The cabal lie is that their alien crime syndicate is neither human nor in control of humanity's affairs any longer after a dozen plus millennia.

Wanna get away?

Think about the collateral damage about to descend on the cabal mechanisms of control when there is no more USD to pay for anything because literally there is no more USD period?

Do you think that new story will hit the global wires? Of course not. But talk about instant and catastrophic devastation!

Psychological bloodshed will be taken to new heights on both sides of the truth.

Many people will simply freak out or worse self combust.

Hence why the ZIM appears so invaluable only to suddenly be so valuable because that's the hard truth is finally being told about Africa and Africans.

Zimbabwe currency is right now 362 times more valuable than the USN. Take a hit off that bong, Hayden! Maybe it'll straighten-out your dying and receding intellectual hairline for yet another irrelevant tedX dissertation.

Dumping this kind of wealth on humanity is in or itself a form of acceptable collateral damage as well.

Constructs of reality will implode with all these new introductions of harsh truths.

The Clinton's, Trump's, Bush's, Obama's (first term), Reagan's, Carter's, Nixon's, Johnson's, Eisenhower's, Truman's and Fords... were all in on the cabal's master plan to not only keep humanity enslaved, but genetically euthanize our DNA strands of divinity straight off the planet, create a unisexes multi-colored slave race that lived in complete poverty below the 33rd parallel north as mining drones of the earth's hard assets.

Oh yeah, your election votes never counted. Ever!

Every aspect of modern society has been created for mankind to alter their collective perception of possibility and artificially quenching our innate thirst for seeking the truth.

All to keep you sound asleep by limiting your imagination. But enough about the improvised stalagmite with his pompous Anglo finger stuck in his own electric outlet ... i.e. his ass.

Media talking heads, celebrities and social media websites keep the master lie going by legitimizing false flag events like Sandy Hook, JFK and Reagan fake assassinations plus the Boston Marathon Bombing and Paris Night Club Shooting -- so that your bogusly "elected" politicians can appear as if they are problem solving and protecting / improving society.

Utter bullshit!

Society never improves not really... just like the debt that never gets paid down... or the gold that never gets audited in Fort Knox... issues just keep getting kicked down the road for the next generation to not be solved by then.

Then they tax us more taking away more of our liberties. But hey, at least the NFL has a full slate of games this week.

Bread and f***ing circus.

Meaning the cabal covertly creates gridlock over centuries all by design, just as they have tried to hide the collapse of the western financial system circa 1933 as to keep the hope of enslaving the global middle class so they would permanently never have the means or will to fight back.

Hey, don't get upset at me. Last night's Emmy Show is still on your DVR. Go watch it and forget about the misery of everyone of color. Notice too how 98% of Emmy winners are always white? Bit by all means go have a glass of wine or cold can of beer and fall fast asleep per usual and never do anything about it!!!!!

Don't rock the boat Yo. Oh and please don't swear. How dare you challenge Anglo righteous and authority! That's not what Christ would do.


Well here's a news flash, Christ wasn't white and turned over tables in the temples of sin and depravity.

So f***you.

Especially Jackie Nutbag in Montana who is a slave to her own abject ignorance. Younand Hayden should hook up in Tinder and give birth to a plague and name it Ebola.

I'll show my face as soon as you pull your head out of your backwoods ass. I have 19 months in this community, hundred of posts and a thousand hours on calls educating people.

You have vitriol and rage. And a 3D personality that isn't moving forward. Best to get your affairs in order. Make sure someone is ready to milk your cows and claim your "sheep in the meadow" wall plate collection.

God hasn't allowed the grand enslavement of humanity so nor will I, and I rather enjoy seeing the cabal minions scramble in public forums a la Trump and Netanyahu.

This couple is pure hell on earth. And if you can't see that, then there literally is nothing I can do for you and thus no hope for you.

I don't enjoy that good people in this community suffer from uncertainty caused by ignorance. Except maybe Mrs. Insanity from the great state of Montana.

It's our time to rise up and take back our nation and species at the genetic level!


America as we knew it is long gone, and only Human Angels are left on the front lines as first responders to engage in the reconstruction of services for the Republic's future.

So please God, Lord, Yeshua wake these sleepwalking masses up! And let's get to work!

We have physical bullion assigned to the Church Bank and just waiting for international project funding!

Believe these words as truth -- everyone can live a life beyond their imagination. But chose otherwise and perish. Those are your two choices.

Either way you're right about your future.

Pre-RV is the only time any of us have left to ready your subconscious minds for this carnage of how and why the real world really operates as the collateral damage is coming via massive and sudden change. Sobeit.

God is with us

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